WHO ARE THE 'Red Ants'?

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Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues was founded in August 2006, through continuous learning, continuous effort and improvement of the current activities to establish a relatively perfect platform and promotional platform, but also the earliest to RV-based coalition of outdoor sports. 2010 After integration, the establishment of a legal entity (Tianjin Red Ants Outdoor Sports Ltd.), to create a situation of China's outdoor sports and leisure new model!

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Friends in the community through the encouragement and selfless help, rely on the majority members' trust and support, Chinese Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues continues to grow, members from across the country gathered RV enthusiasts and outdoor sports enthusiasts. In the country has set up 25 units of the provincial brigades, five district basis detachments, with dozens of companies, enterprises and more than a dozen clubs to work together to complete the Chinese Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues move, we promote healthy living, promote harmony and love, unity and cooperation, promote integration of nature.

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Along with social progress, everybody living standards are improving, more healthy, green, green, outdoor recreation projects loved by the people, the red ants in our outdoor sports league's initiative, the country's major events one after another.

June 2012 China Red Ants Outdoor Sports Alliance Beijing brigade was organized for the first time took the lead car culture and music event the perfect blend of big red ants RV camping beer music season activities. This event we invited government officials, neighbors and partners club leadership, and from Thailand VIP Mr. Qiu Weigong. More than 20 professional actor performances, so that we truly appreciate the more taste RV culture, a lifestyle, the music concert's success, not only enhanced the red ants outdoor sports friendship between members, but also shows the red ants outdoor sports Alliance cohesion and strong organization with an excellent plan implementation capacity. 2012 New Year's Eve, the Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues led the team to the beautiful island of Sanya City, Hainan Province, Chinese New Year, RV enthusiasts all over the country flocked hearing, the camp in the widening greater atmosphere of joy together more concentrated, attracted Sanya Tourism Bureau official exchange visit to the camp, on the spot to determine Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues sponsored "Sanya celebration" activities as Sanya brand items, the government full support. The Year's Eve party in directed, in the New Year's carnival atmosphere, everyone had a healthy and very unique New Year's Eve.

Members every assembly, are a good opportunity for the exchange of learning, members deepening friendship between the red ants Union's trust and love increasingly strengthened. With the gradual expansion of the influence of the new accession of elite talent is also increasing. Stimulating the domestic car market, to promote local tourism and economic development, by manufacturers and tourism management departments welcome.

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Through our continuous growth and innovation in all outdoor sports equipment is also simultaneously upgraded and now have from the United States, Britain, Canada and other world's best brands of ATV, UTV and SUV and other outdoor sports equipment. Activity level is also rising.

October 2011 organizations to participate in "the first slope" AVT, UTV Challenge hundred racers all over the country flocked, a stunt show, the red ants racer Junker difficulties and achieved two to four excellent achievements in Inner Mongolia "Alashan hero" ATV Race across; in Beijing Huairou Station "National SUV off-road rally," red ants warriors, the courage to fight for us to win the honor, they are our heroes.

Pellentesque habitant morbi Red ants in our outdoor sports league has such a group of people, the meaning of freedom with this particular understanding of freedom of flying in the blue sky is their pursuit, delta wing aircraft, powered glider is their love.

Each activity are driving the plane for aerial memoir, post-production activities can provide a full range of video display. They are red ants made outstanding contributions.

With outdoor sports are more and more people accepted and longing, driving RV travel and tourism across the country, has become a new fashion green leisure travel. RV supplies in case of supply without the necessities of life can be more long deep understanding of the local culture.

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Great Love! Attention to vulnerable groups, concerned about children with disabilities, attention to the mountains of the child. Red Ant is the responsibility and obligation. Every year on the first day we will consciously build, to see those children, this day is also the red ants love outdoor sports league statutory days.

November 2011, we move along moment sincere condolences excited heart An Army Camp Hope Primary School children, as they bring a warmth and comfort.

April 2012, participated in the "Chinese children Ci will 'spring sunshine' public action focusing Children's Traffic Safety roadshow" to get the kids home safely, popularize knowledge of traffic safety and reduce the tragedy.

In June 2012, came to Beijing Changping District orphanage for disabled children's care and assistance for the welfare of the children brought their sincere wishes and warm.

For "Looking for 500 million people in the RH negative blood type rare among you", and Hebei rare blood type (RH negative) Union work together to develop rare blood salvage the promotion of knowledge and rare blood type, so that life continues!

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From the Italian Touring Car Universal World Tour team arrived in China, we are at the base of the team by the warm reception traveled to China RV team. During the event, we have prepared a rich program of cultural interaction and Chinese cuisine featuring their heartfelt love for China, red ants came to the banner of outdoor sports league money sign their names, expressing Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues full support and always welcome China's housing team visiting their country.

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From the world's top three international multimedia news agency - Reuters (REUTERS), that in China set off a burst of RV Outdoor sports wave, immediately made contact with us, the Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues warmly received the Reuters reporter, led him to visit our RV, ATV, UTV and other outdoor sports equipment and equipment. The reporter surprised, because in his imagination, China's outdoor sports car has not yet begun, thanks to the great motherland, China always there is a miracle. The visit has been reported in Reuters (REUTERS) Global New York Times (TheGlobalEditionOfTheNewYorkTimes) of 15 June 2012 on Friday, the 17th edition was published.

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Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues May 2012 17 Accept U.S. AP reporter Cai Fang, we came all the way to a warm reception in China U.S. AP reporter. Reporters visited our various outdoor sports set, he never dared to imagine Outdoor Games in China so hot, there is a group of outdoor sports have such a favor and passion for people. AP reporters Biao Shihui and Zai Jinhou red ants continue to track the latest information on outdoor sports league, and invited us to the United States holding a large red ants RV outdoor sports, we are working with the Associated Press to reach a consensus to jointly work together to promote outdoor sports establishment Friendly business contacts. The visit of the information has been published in the American Associated Press website.

Out of the country, to the world, to seriously study abroad RV sports experience, and promote their own development, is our long-term goals and tasks!

Pellentesque habitant morbi Outdoor sports league in the red ants rapidly now, July 12, 2012 will be held in "Tibet about" Red Ants RV outdoor events, this event has nearly two saloon cars from around the country starting in succession, meet in August 12 Day 12:12:12 at the confluence of the Potala Palace, a grand ceremony. Along the way we will be in Handan, Hebei, Gansu, Lanzhou hold local brigade (unit) authorized ritual ceremony in Handan detachments authorization process but also meet with the local tourism bureau in Lanzhou brigade authority ceremony will visit local RV Exhibition Centre . This journey, we have sympathy Yushu disabled and elderly, along the way will be looking for 5 million of you - RH negative rare blood type and other public welfare activities, we will take in good faith, with the greeting, with a blessing, to complete a highest elevation, the most inclement weather, the warmest heart, the national assembly of large RVs feat!

Pellentesque habitant morbi October 20, 2012 15:00 pm at Beijing Olympian shooting estates, web hosting from 360 camping, red ants tiger doll sports league friendship cooperation, "the camp experience division ™ car camping Carnival" campaign officially opened the curtain. The brilliant experience project activities, such as shooting games, live CS combat, the original bow and arrow shooting exercises, two self-balancing electric vehicle experience, etc. so that the participants shouted enjoy yourself, events throughout the outdoor car camping equipment brands KingCamp, Nirvana Yoga, Jintai Guo brigade, balanced station and other brand units and Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Television, Beijing Times, Beijing travel magazine and many other print and online media for their support.

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2012 Christmas is a wonderful and special night, the red ants outdoor sports Alliance launched a large "Thailand and Laos -16 days RV driving Christmas leisure trip" activities, December 14, 2012 at a hotel in Kunming season activities by the December 15, 2012 to December 31, 2012, a period of 16 days + two days maneuver, pathways Kunming → Mohan will be drying → Golden Triangle Chiang Khong Chiang Saen → Queens Gardens Chiang Mai Mae Salong → Su can Thailand → Bangkok → Pattaya Elephant Island → Gallery opened in Vientiane (Laos) → Boten in Luang Prabang Vang → Jinghong, nearly 20 attractions for our tours!

The Thai & Lao RV driving the lively Christmas comes, in the lively jubilant Christmas Eve, everyone can enjoy merry, celebrate a chic and wonderful Christmas Eve.

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Along with "2012 Sanya celebration" campaign a success, the Red Ants Outdoor Sports Leagues to invite friends from all over to participate in "2013 Sanya celebration" events. Also invite friends to participate in the ASEAN Thailand RV driving events. Meet, acquaintance, close, gathered together, we must do our utmost to put each event organized better, "healthy lifestyle", "harmonious and caring," "unity and cooperation" will always continue.

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